Vector SVG PNG Gorrilla clipart for teachers, school, kids, businesses or anyone that needs a cool Gorrilla for their projects. Black & white Gorrilla vector line art included. Great for logos, icons, curriculum.
The Best Vector Cartoon Clip art Gorrilla Mascot Character set for logos, teachers and elementary school kids. Happy Chimp Gorrilla with blank signs and other props.  Royalty Free Commercial Use.
Cute Clipart Gorrilla Black & White Outlines For Teachers & Kids (B&W)

Cartoon Gorilla Clipart Pack - Vol. 01

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Mean, Tough, Angry, Cartoon Gorilla Clipart - Vector Gorilla Vector Pack - Vol 01

File Formats Included in this Purchase:

  • SVG - Vector - Fully Scalable Vector Graphic
  • PNG - High resolution with clear background
  • JPG - High resolution with white background
  • PDF - Encapsulated EPS Vector - Fully Scalable

All 14 Silverback Gorilla Clip Art character poses listed below are included in this collection, in both full-color and black & white outline versions:

  1. Standard Pose
  2. Gorilla Pointing
  3. Holding a blank sign with handle
  4. Holding a blank banner sign in front
  5. Gorilla presenting
  6. Gorilla head face
  7. Gorilla front pose
  8. Spinning a basketball on index finger
  9. Holding a Valentine love heart and smiling
  10. Working on a computer laptop device
  11. Holding an big arrow
  12. Holding a bag of money
  13. Thumbs up gorilla
  14. Angry gorilla beating chest
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