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Cartoon Emoji Clipart Vol. 01

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Cute Smiley Emoji Clipart Faces Set Vol.1

Fun Original Emojis Emotions Emoticons Expressions!

This 48-piece (24 color & 24 B&W blacklines line art) adorable and energetic smiley emoji clip art set will help bring some fun, excitement, and energy to your classroom's projects! Perfect for desk labels, behavior charts, classroom rules, brag tags, etc! The possibilities are endless.

This emoji clip art set includes all the following expressions:

01) - Smiling Face Emoji 
02) - Smiling Sticking Tongue Out Emoji 
03) - Grinning face Showing Teeth Emoji 
04) - Dizzy Face Emoji 
05) - Crying Loudly Emoji 
06) - Smiling Face with an Angel Halo Emoji 
07) - Angry Face Rage Emoji 
08) - Surprised Emoji Face
09) - Laughing Emoji Face
10) - Stuck Out Tongue Winking Eye Emoji
11) - Sad Emoji Face
12) - Nerd Emoji Face
13) - Smiling Cool Sunglasses Emoji
14) - Grinning Emoji Face
15) - Unamused Emoji Face
16) - Pleased Emoji
17) - Smiling Face Smiling Eyes Emoji
18) - Tears of Joy Emoji
19) - Winking Emoji
20) - Surprised Embarrassed Shocked Emoji
21) - Blowing Kiss Emoji
22) - Smirking Emoji
23) - Smiling Face with Heart Eyes Emoji
24) - Frowning Emoji

All emoji images come in PNG formats with transparent backgrounds so you can easily layer them into your projects. These image files are very high resolution so you can re-size them with no loss of quality.

ClipartCrush clipart is for both personal and commercial use, please read our terms of use license for more details. ENJOY!